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pet stain odor removal Greenville, SC

In the eighteen years that I've been servicing the Greenville, SC area, we've noticed that more than 75% of the homes that we visit have pets.  Most have dogs, but some have cats, too.  Even some of the businesses in Greenville have pets running around their offices and shops.  It is almost impossible to keep a loved pet from ever staining or urinating on your carpets.  Having said that, we go in to many homes who are in major need of pet stain and odor removal.  Some stains are really bad, and sometimes the odor is overwhelming.  Many times, the homeowner has gotten all too used to the smell, and thinks that 'it's not too bad', until a friend or family member visits them.  Then, they are embarrassed or ashamed because the owner has now hit their guest square in the face!  What can you do between carpet cleanings to 'catch' those problem areas, or those minor accidents?  The key is to catch the urine early, hopefully while still wet, thus eliminating the pet stain from permanantly attaching itself to your carpet fibers.  Also, catching it early will help keep the pet odor from sinking in.  The best home remedy is to soak up as much of the urine as you can with many paper towels, newspapers or large towels.  This may mean physically standing on the spot with these items for several minutes.  When you feel like you've gotten most of the urine up, take the wet paper towels outside to the area where you would like to train your dog to pee.  His keen sense of smell will take him to the new spot outside, rather than returning to the same spot where he urinated on your carpet.  Then, take some baking soda and water in a spray bottle, and soak the spot again.  Again, dry the area with a clean towel as good as possible.  Then, when the time comes, call us at Maxi-Clean.  When we clean your carpets, we will add an 'Enzyme Treatment' to our environmentally friendly, oxygen based cleaner.  This will remove and kill any lingering pet odor left over from the protein that's in the urine.  We are here for all of your pet stain and pet odor needs in Greenville, SC.

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