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Grout cleaning can be a huge task for someone with alot of tile and grout in their home or office or business.  In Greenville, SC, there are more and more homes following the trends of the west coast, where carpet is now being replaced/remodeled with tile floors.  Tile looks great when it is initially installed,  but in time (especially after multiple moppings) the grout lines get dirty.  Also, with grout being very porous, it soaks in the dirt very quickly and keeps it there.  No matter how clean you 'try' to keep your mop water, it does get dirty, and the grout lines will also.  The picture included with this article is of lobby of a residence building in Greenville, SC, or any of this type of building anywhere in America.  They keys to getting the grout lines cleaned is 2 step.  First, you must use the proper cleaning agent in order to loosen and activate the dirt in the grout.  Second, you must hydro-force the floors and grout lines.  This is our unique steam cleaning/pressure washing/vacuuming process, and few other floor cleaning companies perform this service.  In the Greenville, SC area, we are in very high demand, and are glad to be busy cleaning several tile floors on a daily basis.  If your home or business is in need of grout cleaning/tile cleaning, please give us a call.  We clean tile floors from Charlotte, NC down south to Savannah, GA.....then from Atlanta, GA east to Myrtle Beach, SC, and everywhere in between those four corners.  So, please call us for all of your grout cleaning needs in Greenville, SC.

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