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Ooops!  The kids have spilled something else on your newly cleaned carpets, and you're panicing!  Or maybe you just had your carpets cleaned, and your husband walks in with his dirty work shoes or boots, and tracks a couple of dirty footprints on to your freshly cleaned floors.  What do you do if your dogs just came inside after a rainy day and tracked mud on your  already cleaned carpets?  First of all, don't panic.  There are solutions that you can take care of yourself, without having to call a company like mine out to see you every time.  The best thing to do is to catch it early.  In the Greenville, SC area, we have alot of red mud.  This too can be removed easily, if it is just a small spot or two.  You will want to get a wet rag or paper towel (all white, no coloring), and ring it out.  Next, dip your cloth into whatever cleaner/detergent that you prefer to use.  DO NOT WIPE, but blot the spot with the cleaner/detergent.  Then allow 15 minutes or so to go by, but don't let it completely dry.  Next, find a clean spot on the damp rag and dip it into white vinegar, and again, blot the spot and leave for 15 minutes.  Repeat this process by rinsing (blot only) the spot with water only.  You may have to rinse  several times over a period of about an hour, to make sure that the stain has been removed completely from your carpet.

I hope that this has been helpful for your small stains on your carpets.  We at Maxi-Clean, Greenville, SC are committed to keeping your carpets as clean as possible between our visits.  Please reach out to us for all of your carpet cleaning/stain removal needs in Greenville, SC.

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