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Many of our new customers in the Simpsonville, SC area ask questions like "how often should I get my carpets cleaned?", and " what are the benefits of having our carpets cleaned regularly?".  Well, I would like to provide you with the answer to those questions.  First, "how often should I get by carpets cleaned?"  The truth is, each and every home is different.  Many factors play in to how often you have them cleaned.  Most customers enjoy having their carpets cleaned once per year, while others have more pressing issues.  If you have small children, pets, and/or messy husbands (ha), you may feel the need to have them cleaned more regularly, possibly 2 to 3 times per year.  In the Simpsonville, SC area, we are going to be entering what we refer to as the 'allergy season'.  Having said that, here is the answer to the second question, "what are the benefits of having our carpets cleaned regularly?".

1.  Prevents allergens and bacteria from living in your carpets.  Steam cleaning your carpets, along with the right cleaning products, will remove these from your carpets.

2.  Improves air quality in your home.  With allergens removed from your carpets, you can breathe easier.

3.  Lasts longer.  Each time you have your carpets cleaned, you prolong the life of your carpet.  Steam cleaning removes dirt that can greatly damage carpets.

4.  Removes dust mites and dead skin cells.  These items are almost always in carpets that are neglected.  Steam cleaning will remove these.

5.  Impoves overall appearance.  Rooms look and feel cleaner when the carpets are freshly cleaned.

6.  Improves attitude in family or workplace.  If the carpets are not clean, the morale of the family or employees may suffer.

7.  Easier to maintain.  Carpets are easier to keep up with if they are clean.  You are able to spot problem areas early and address them individually, immediately.

8.  Can help maintain manufacturer warrranty.

I hope that this has helped anyone who has these carpet cleaning questions.  I look forward to servicing all of your carpet cleaning needs in the Simpsonville, SC area.

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