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area rug cleaning Greenville SC

At Maxi-Clean in Greenville, SC ask us questions about area rug cleaning, or 'throw rugs' or 'runners', as many people in the south call them.  Basically, an area rug is put on an area of a floor that no one wants to walk on.  Some for the purposes of keeping the carpet underneath them clean.  While others do it so that they have some soft floor to walk on or to keep their feet warmer in the colder months.  And still others use area rugs simply just because they like the look.  But, whater your reason is for purchasing/using an area rug, most people need them cleaned from time-to-time.  So, the question we get the most from our customers in the Greenville, SC area is "can you clean my area rug here in my house on the hardwood floors, or do you need to take it with you, clean it, dry it, and then bring it back?"  Great questiion!  The truth is, you as the customer has to decide which route to take.  A good carpet cleaning technician with years of experience knows exactly how to steam clean the carpets without ever damaging the hardwood floor underneath.  A good area rug cleaning technician will be able to apply a cleaner, steam clean and extract all of the unwanted dirt/grime/or whatever, from your area rug/rugs.  There will be no damage to your hardwood floors.....ever.  We use 100% environmentally friendly area rug cleaning products, so you don't have to worry about any damage to the fibers or the patterns.  All area rugs, whether they cost $40 or $40,000, can be cleaned using our cleaner and low pressure steam.  We would love for you to choose us to clean your area rugs.  So, please call us for all of your area rug cleaning in Greenville, SC.

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