It’s a dangerous world.
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Disinfection Services Now Vital

Now more than ever there’s a need for disinfection solutions. A key component of infection control, daily disinfection has become a necessity for all businesses to protect employees and customers alike. It can mean the difference between succeeding or failing in today’s commercial environment.

Yesterday’s cleaning methods fail to stop today’s viral threats. Why?

Only 25% of Surfaces Cleaned
Mops and cleaning wipes fail to reach and disinfect nearly 75% of surfaces!

Inconsistent Application
When each surface has to be manually cleaned, user error and time constraints often lead to inconsistent results

Affects Business
Poor disinfection solutions leads to a lack of customer confidence and more sick employees

Why Maxi-Clean Environmental

Maxi-Clean provides commercial and residential disinfection services that are both quick and thorough.

Some examples that require frequent disinfecting are theaters, daycares, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, stadiums and many more. But what makes Maxi-Clean the best solution?